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Take the first step towards regenerative impact

Do you produce a product that uses plastic as the main component / material?
Are you looking to incorporate a positive impact narrative on plastic pollution that goes beyond your organization’s current plastic use?

A Plastic Positive Product is a product that ensures the recovery of an equivalent amount of plastic as was used in producing it. With Plastic Bank, you neutralize your product’s plastic footprint and beyond: you help improve lives and uplift communities while cleaning the environment.


Increase Sales and Boost Brand Loyalty

Retail trends show consumers are eager to support companies that value sustainability.

While you strive to integrate more sustainable manufacturing practices, neutrality can be your product’s first milestone on a path towards regenerative impact, and your brand’s stand against plastic pollution. And you get to share the journey with your customers, empowering them to make conscious choices that positively impact the world.


When you go Plastic Positive, you invest in the purchase of Social Plastic Collection Credits (SPCC). Each SPCC guarantees the recovery of 1 kilogram of ocean-bound plastic.

SPCCs fund the payment of premiums to our members for the material collected, as well as the infrastructure needed to reintegrate that material into the supply chain. As part of our root-cause solution, SPCCs reduce plastic pollution and poverty by making recycling profitable for the world’s most underprivileged communities, giving them a path out of poverty.

How it works?

Plastic Bank works with you to collect and recycle plastic in an amount that is equal to what was used to produce a product. Our blockchain system ensures all claims are certified and audit-proof.


Calculate your product’s plastic footprint. You can chose to neutralize all of your products or a specific line.


We calculate the equivalent amount of Social Plastic Collection Credits necessary to fulfill the neutrality promise.


SPCCs are distributed to our ecosystems to support our collectors and the infrastructure needed to extract the desired plastic volume.


View your verified impact data on a personalized dashboard.


Our proprietary blockchain technology, powered by IBM, creates traceable supply chain, and auditable, real-time impact tracking. The distribution of your SPCCs is done through our blockchain platform to guarantee transparency. It is an audit-proof guarantee on us delivering on your impact promise.

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