Impact guarantee program

The Impact Guarantee Program invites organizations to make an impact investment to support plastic collection infrastructure and rewards, reducing plastic pollution and poverty around the world, even if plastic is not a major component of their product or business. Contributions can be calculated as a percentage of sales or based on a set budget.

Impact Guarantee is right for you if:

You’re looking to market a purpose driven product or service.
You want to empower your consumers to make sustainable choices.
You’re looking to incorporate a powerful narrative of regenerative impact around plastic pollution that goes beyond your organization’s current plastic use.

Why Engage In An Impact Guarantee Program?

Studies show that consumers are eager to support companies that value sustainability:

When looking to expand on your product’s sustainability claims or to add purpose to a product or service not fundamentally related to plastic, the Impact Guarantee Program can act as your brand’s stand against plastic pollution. And you get to share the journey with your customers, empowering them to make conscious choices that positively impact the world.


When you go Plastic Positive, you invest in the purchase of Social Plastic Collection Credits (SPCC). Each SPCC guarantees the recovery of 1 kilogram of ocean-bound plastic.

SPCCs fund the payment of premiums to our members for the material collected, as well as the infrastructure needed to reintegrate that material into the supply chain. As part of our root-cause solution, SPCCs reduce plastic pollution and poverty by making recycling profitable for the world’s most underprivileged communities, giving them a path out of poverty.

How it works?


Select how you'd like to invest (% sales or set budget).


We work with you to tailor an impact offer (KGs of plastic to be extracted from the environment) based on your investment and the Impact statement you wish to make.


SPCCs are distributed to our ecosystems to support our collectors and the infrastructure needed to extract the desired plastic volume.


View your verified impact data on a personalized dashboard.


We’re seeing a bigger trend towards ‘visible and emotional sustainability’— brands taking a stance on social and environmental issues and making large scale changes around causes their customers care about. By investing in our Impact Guarantee Program, you gain access to a powerful regenerative platform that connects your brand to a generation of conscious consumers by empowering them to make sustainable choices that positively impact lives.

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