ECOSYSTEM Activation

Activate Global Impact

Are you committed to creating positive and sustainable environmental and social impact as part of your long-term CSR strategy?

Looking to secure a steady supply of quality plastic feedstock?


By creating a co-branded recycling infrastructure with Plastic Bank in a developing region, you help pave a clear and attainable path out of poverty for local communities while improving existing recycling systems. Additionally, you have the opportunity to secure an exclusive Social Plastic® supply chain to help you meet and surpass your CSR goals, by being granted first right of refusal rights over the material collected through your sponsored infrastructure.

how it works?


Collaboratively map out a region that would benefit from a new or expanded Social Plastic Ecosystem, aligned with your current CSR strategic goals


Plastic Bank performs a viability assessment and presents a project proposal specific to that region


We build partnerships with local stakeholders to deploy a sustainable program for long-term local impact


Create engagement programs and marketing campaigns around this activation for your customers, by sharing the stories of impact you are helping create


How can you track your impact? Our proprietary blockchain technology, powered by IBM, creates transparent and traceable supply chain, and auditable, real-time impact tracking. It is an audit-proof guarantee on us delivering on your impact promise.

A powerful brand story

We’re seeing a bigger trend towards ‘visible and emotional sustainability’— brands taking a stance on social and environmental issues and making large scale changes around causes their customers care about. By investing in an Ecosystem Activation with us, you gain access to a powerful regenerative platform that connects your brand to a generation of conscious consumers by empowering them to make sustainable choices that positively impact lives.

We work collaboratively with you to create customized community programs to deepen the impact of the activation and further align it with your organization’s CSR strategic areas of focus (i.e. women empowerment, education, health improvement, etc).

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